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6 Essential Tips for a 

Healthy Summer Lawn


A green lawn is a healthy lawn! Following these 6 easy suggestions will help ensure that your lawn is vibrant and healthy and able to absorb the vital nutrients and oxygen it needs to prosper:

1.  Water only when necessary. When your lawn needs water the grass will take on a bluish or dull green color and the blades will begin to fold or roll. You will also notice that footprints will remain imprinted on your lawn after it is walked on.  

2. In dry conditions, water heavily once a week as opposed to a daily sprinkling. Daily sprinkling encourages shallow roots, which will increase the chance of burning during hot periods.

3.  The best time of day to water is early morning. This is because less water evaporates when the temperature is cool and the winds are calm. Late afternoon and evening watering also reduces evaporation loss if the wind is calm, but tends to encourage disease because the grass stays moist all night. Many of the fungus diseases that infect grass require water droplets or high humidity to grow and infect the grass and plants.

4. Each watering should moisten the soil of the grass’s active root zone, which is a depth of 6-8 in, for most soil the amount of water needed to do this is one inch.

5. An easy way to calculate how long you will need to water each area of your lawn in order to provide one inch of water is to do the “tuna can test”! Place a standard-sized empty tuna can on your lawn, make note of the time and begin watering your grass as you normally would. Once the can is full, you will know that you have sprayed approximately one inch of water onto your lawn (as a standard-sized can of tuna is one inch in height)! Now note the time again. If it took 15 mins to fill the tuna can, use that as the approximate amount of time for each watering. Again, water only when necessary (see #1 above). This may be only one time per week, or may be three times per week, depending on the weather conditions.

6. Tree and shrub roots that compete with your lawn will require additional water. Once a month soak the soil very deep to encourage root development below the root zone. You can do this by leaving the sprinklers on three times the normal time or use a soaker hose under the tree.


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